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Stephen M.
2 dagen geleden

Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.

We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.

Felix Griggs
2 maanden geleden


Don't you wish you had a chance at being Instagram popular?

Ever wondered what it feels like to be an Instagram Influencer?

Picture this: You arise early Friday, even before your alarm buzzes.

Roll over, check your cell.

Navigate your way to Instagram.

Whoaaa, you think, Over 800 likes on one picture.

You put your super-duper soft slippers on and head to the kitchen for some coffee. After putting on the kettle, you pull out your phone again.

Presto! Another 20 likes.

And another message just popped up. It's from one of your many fans asking about your life, and giving you daps on your twelve official month of eating healthy.

As you read it, you begin to smile. It is a really attractive person, and they love your posts.

Within minutes, your phone buzzes AGAIN.

Wow, ANOTHER message. You close your cellphone and throw it in the bag. Time for the gym.
Let's stop the simulation there. People have a hard time achieving what they want in life. People can hardly get themselves to eat a good breakfast.

I’m here to show you how to take the reigns of your Instagram.

Imagine if you could raise your popularity by 100%, or 1000%?

It's not complicated to do, although almost no one does. Just hit up our website. There, you will learn how to garner Instagram likes and followers like mad...without even trying.

Automagically see tons of likes on your images just minutes after posting.

If you are anything like our other clients, you'll have a great chance of hitting the "Top Post" section in a very short time.

This is all great, but you've really got to put in the work to make it happen. Actually, it is not real work.
1. Click
2. Enter in your Instagram username.
3. Your 3 most recent uploads will get 10 - 15 likes. Just like that.

Hitting the Top Post page will 10X your InstaGrowth. But you have got to do more than just want it--you've got to do something about it. Are you willing?

See you soon.

2 maanden geleden

Hallo, ik ben op zoek naar de Montréal denim jeans van zizo in maat 40. Verkopen jullie deze?
Hoor het heel graag:)

Hartelijke groet,

8 maanden geleden

Hallo .Even een vraagje ,hebben jullie voor Lydia ook een spijkerjasje in haar maat ? Vrijdagmiddag zijn wij geweest uit Giethoorn.Wij zouden zo graag nog een spijkerjasje op haar tijgerprint jurk.
Alvast bedankt en hartelijke groeten Fam Slagter